Family Portrait Photography Tips: What Is The Best Time For A Family Portrait?

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<p> 1. WHAT IS THE BEST TIMEFOR A FAMILY PORTRAIT?FAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPSBy Sealey Brandt Photography 2. TIMEI constantly have clients calling me or when I meet them out saying Ah Im so glad I met youas I have been thinking about planning my family photography session but never found theright person or never picked up the phone and made that booking. I feel sad and angry atmyself as my children are now 16 years of age and the last family photography wedid was when they were babies.Clearly you cant take back time, but its not too late. 3. So, what is the best time for a family portrait?Firstly, pregnancy.I love the look of a mother in waiting has. It shows in every part of herbody. She glows at certain times of her pregnancy. I am still amazed how women havechildren. This first stage of their tummies growing and the body changing is incredible. 4. So, what is the best time for a family portrait?The next stage is just after giving birth. A new born is incredible. All the body parts are so smalland fresh. One of my favourite images of a new born is at 4 days old. Her mothers hands cradleher head. The size of the mothers hands is incredible in comparison to the size of the baby. 5. So, what is the best time for a family portrait?Around 3 -6 months is my next favourite. They are real little babies and start to smile and really geta good feeling of who you are so they react. You can really start to see who they looklike.mumdad, a mixture.12 months or thereabouts is the next great stage as they are really little people. They are walking,talking and full of personality. 6. So, what is the best time for a family portrait?Teenagers, I like as they have an interesting awkwardness to them sometimes. They are reallyfinding themselves. Braces can be a special part of a shoot as it is a period of ones life and theage shines through.Click here to continue reading 7. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME FORA FAMILY PORTRAIT?Click Here To Contnue ReadingFAMILY PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPSBy Sealey Brandt Photography </p>