Double spread Magazine analysis

Double spread

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Page 1: Double spread

Double spread Magazine analysis

Page 2: Double spread
Page 3: Double spread

Written in bold to catch the readers eye A tiny description about the picture The description tells about the mountain its length how tall it is. Also to which valley it belongs.

This is written in quote form as it is something the photographer things it is his words, his feelings towards capturing this moment .

Page 4: Double spread

Some information about the photographer/ Also known as the Credits

Separator use to separate paragraphs so that it does not get to boring for the reader and they do not interest in the article.

Written in capital to catch readers attention. Many magazines use this way to promote there article.

Page 5: Double spread

The image of the photographer who captured this moment

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Page 7: Double spread

The main image : The key to attract readers attention.Some brief information about the article it self

The name of the article in bold and eye catchy

Page 8: Double spread

Commonly used in many magazines

The directors picture as an anchoring picture

Subheading to divide them up too keep the interest f the readers.

Page 9: Double spread

Anchoring pictures: pictures supporting the article to give the readers a clear cut understanding of the article .