Digital photography composition Part I-B

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Text of Digital photography composition Part I-B

  • Digital PhotographyCompositionIntroduction to Part I B

  • Composition Photographic composition is an expression of your natural sense of design.

  • Line

  • Your eyes follow the linesAnsel Adams Andre Kertesz

  • Your eyes follow the linesGt. Smoky Mountains

  • Your eyes follow the lines into the photograph

  • Your eyes follow the linesout of the picture.

    Not good composition

  • Allow space to move into

  • Curves are gracefulBrassai

  • LinesDiagonal linesadd interest

  • Diagonal Lines

  • Which is the better composition?*

  • Diagonal Lines

  • Lines - path for the eye to follow to the main subjectBlueberry Blossoms

  • Lines Follow the diagonal lineto the subjectSpring fig leaves

  • Diagonal Lines

  • Diagonal linesA focal point at theend of a ally way adds interest.

  • LinesPantheon, Rome

  • Linesrepetitive lines to draw viewers' attention

  • LinesLondon

  • Lines Curved line moves the eye through the photograph

  • Lines Lines can simplyadd interest and texture to a photograph.

  • Lines - triangle adds strong visual unity to this picture

  • Lines Triangle adds strong visual unity.

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