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Composing Better Travel Photos

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Use art and design fundamentals to turn your photos from good to great.


Mary Fiore Wanderplex Cruising and Photography Contributor What to include Where to place it What to avoid Mentally divide the photo into thirds. Place the subject at a one third point. . In the content of modern Rome the Coliseum appears crumbling. It is stronger and more imposing in the middle. The background is too busy Tamara de Lempicka Young Lady with Gloves Empty space invites the viewer in Go from showing activity to capturing motion What to Include: Uneven numbers Color Texture Lines Pattern Framing Action Emotion Open space Different angles Depth of field Close ups and distance photos Sense of place Where to place it: at a 1/3 position In the middle Facing in or out What to Avoid: Distracting backgrounds Clutter Too much in one photo Basics of Better Travel Photos Capturing a Travel Destination Getting the Most Out of Your Camera Managing & Sharing Your Travel Photos Photo Editing: Where the Magic Happens Watch for additional follow up presentations on: Photography and the Principles of Design nciples-of-design-in-photography A Beginners Guide to Capturing Motion in Your Photography beginners-to-capturing-motion-in-your- photography/ elements-of-composition-in-photography/