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The Conducttr Conference 2014 Jonny Virgo How to turn creative passion into revenue @jonnyvirgo #cdttr2014

City of Conspiracy: How to turn Creative Passion into Revenue

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Rapper, music producer and author, Jonny Virgo's presentation of "City of Conspiracy" given to the Conducttr Conference 2014 (http://www.conducttr.com) a mutli-platform thriller using a variety of media to tell a story fusing conspiracy theories, hip hop and London. Using the metropolis as a canvas, Jonny wrote a novel telling the story of an ex-gang member’s fight to uncover his friend’s death that used a series of rap albums from the perpectives of the characters to reveal clues that help to uncover a conspiracy. City of Conspiracy also comprises a series of live events that feature subplots from the novel, challenging the audience to interact with the events and characters in discreet immersive theatre events that have been very well-received.

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  • 1. The Conducttr Conference 2014Jonny VirgoHow to turn creative passion into [email protected]#cdttr2014

2. WHO AM I? 3. Jonny VirgoRapper & Author (Jogging & Dogging). Rum enthusiast. Part-time creator-very precious. Short-attention span. Pretty slack about details. www.jonnyvirgo.com 4. What is City of Conspiracy? 5. A multi-platform experience fusing the mechanics of a thriller with the immersiveand disturbing mannerisms of the conspiracy-theory culture that is a widespread feature ofpopular consciousness. All in the aim of good, old-fashioned entertainment.So far it has featured:A series of novels.A series of immersive theatre events, detailing sub-plots in the first novel tentativelyentitled Sherlock Delgado and the Illuminati Bitches. (January 2015)Albums of rap music written from the perspectives of the characters in the story-world.A conspiracy-themed walking tour, involving scenes in the novel.A text based pitch-game allowing faux big shots to simulate investment in Illuminati-owned companies. 6. What was I trying to achieve? 7. Initial goals10,000 revenueIncreased presence and visibilityLearning new skillsCreate some innovative IP. 8. How did it happen? 9. Timeline1996Wrote first (unpublished) novel which featured same themes, characterarchetypes and idioms.2009 I left the SuperBlondes.2010 I left my band Works in Progress.2011I had my first what if? moment concerning the project.2012Play-tested a version of a street game that was linked to City of Conspiracyoff the back of a Gumtree ad.20131st round of immersive theatre event at the Brunel Museum.2013Groupon called (followed by Amazon Local, Time Out, Travel Zoo and someothers I havent heard of).20131stround of walking tours.20132ndround of immersive theatre events.2014Redevelopment. 10. The conversation. 11. The plan. 12. Serial fiction.Staggered release of material.Short time span. (Time limited).All in world. 13. The ad. 14. Testing. 15. Hmmmnnn! 16. Writing. 17. Initiation 18. Tours. 19. Illuminated. 20. ? 21. What were the challenges? 22. Lack of logistical experience.Unreliability of collaborators.Desire of the audience for more content than I had.Lack of strategic thinking after the project changeddirection.Perfectionism.Lack of recording systems early on.Lack of strategic input from hefty partners. 23. But NOT money. 24. Whats next? 25. -Release of re-jigged novel.-Series of street games.-CYOA fiction in story world.-Organised release structure for music.-Augmented reality elements.-A venture into the tourism market.-Provision of interactive events fortraining in forensic science.-Non-fiction e-books.-Documentary