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  • CAA | Central Academy of Arts embraces Malta Violin Making

    Competition 2016, Central International Music Competition and Central International Music Master Classes with Expo of instruments. Programs are taking place in Malta, February 8-20, 2016. With a diverse

    and talented participant body representing 45 countries, the Central Academy of Arts is striking the goal of becoming the worlds premier institution for learning, competing and exhibitions of today, and tomorrow.

    CAA delivers master courses, lectures and conferences on variety of topics.

    Applications deadline November 1, 2015... Volodymyr Baran - CEO


    Central InternatIonal MusIC Master Classes

    We welcome applications for voice, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, piano and chamber music. Central International Music Master Classes open for

    amateurs and professionals without age limit. All courses will be taking place at various localities of the Maltese Islands, February 8 20, 2016.

    Invited participants will take part in all classes and discussions, receive personal coaching and unlimited access to the concert performances. There will be a number of afternoon and evening concerts, and young artists will

    have opportunities to show their progress. The course is intensive, but students have time to explore Valletta and its abundant artistic heritage, visit cities of Malta enjoying Maltese, Mediterranean, European cuisine.

    Central InternatIonal MusIC CoMpetItIon

    Open for individual soloists and chamber music ensembles. Any orchestral instruments with/without piano, including accordion,

    cimbalom, piano ensemble and voice of any national invited to participate. Central International Music Competition scheduled for February 8-20, 2016. CIMC runs is Professional and Student

    categories: Children (up to 12 years old), Youth (13-17 years old), Adults (18 years old without age limit).

    Malta International VIolIn MakIng CoMpetItIon

    Malta International Violin Making Competition 2016 is being organized by the Malta International Music Competition, Central

    Academy of Arts and Violin Limited Company, and is scheduled for

    the February 2016. Malta Violin Making Competition is open for violins and violas. Professional or amateur makers of all nations

    invited to participate.

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    For more information, application process, including Application

    Forms go to www.central-academy.com or contact the CAA

    Management via email central-academy@email.com __________________________________________

    Sponsors of CAA do profit of promotions and adverts worldwide, single and bulk tickets to the performances, special mentions and

    much more. If you wish to become our sponsor, partner or donate funds, please contact the Administration of the Central Academy of Arts.