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Camera Angles By Serina Lall

Camera angles

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Camera AnglesBy Serina Lall

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Camera Angles

Different camera angles are used in filming and photography to create different effects on the audience. By using these different angles, the film/image is made to be more interesting and has a sense of meaning.

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Establishing Shot

This establishing shot is the shot that sums up where the action takes place.

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Over The Shoulder Shot

This shot is used to see things in the perspective of the character while they are in conversation with another person.

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Mid Shot

A mid shot is taken from the waist upwards. This is enables you to see the face more clearly but at the same time, seeing some of there body allowing us to see emotions through the body.

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Extreme Close-Up

An extreme close-up is to show emotion in a person in many different ways.

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High Angle

A high angle can show the audience how much power an individual holds. This specific viewpoint shows that the person has little power, making them look small.

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Low Angle

When a low angle is used, it can make the character seem more powerful. This is because the audience and the other characters are looking up to the more powerful character.