B&W Child Photography Competition (Category Lifestyle)

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Honorable Mention Happiness by KiraButusov Runde, USA

B&W Child Photography Competition, category LifestyleWinners, Honorable Mention and Nominees

1ST PLACEPraying By Chee Keong Lim, Malaysia

2ND PLACE Hoops By Ashley Carlon, Usa

3RD PLACE Summertime By Izabela Urbaniak, Poland

Honorable Mention Magic light by Karen_Osdieck, USA

Honorable Mention Kitchen Shadow by Karen Osdieck, USA

Honorable Mention Untitled by Kimberly Walla

Honorable Mention by Ivans childhood bySergeiKolyaskin, Russia

Honorable Mention The lip by KristinPeereboom, Canada

Honorable Mention Curled by Emily Mccann-USA

Honorable Mention Incoming by Oren Bachar, USA

Honorable Mention Power spray by Amber Carbo Privizzini, USA

Honorable Mention Muddy football by Chee Keong-Lim, Malasya

Honorable Mention Washing the dishes by Yan Lei,China

Nominee My little friend by Agnieszka Ankiersztejn, Poland

Nominee Untitled by Daniel Lamont, USA

Nominee Flip by Clara Lu, USA

Nominee A little help by Heather Rodburg, USA

Nominee Friends by Oksana But, Ukraine

Nominee Untitled by Grzegorz Stykowski, Poland

Nominee Puddle racing by Ashley Carlon, USA

Nominee Thai-Deng by John Moulds, Australia

Nominee TV Time by Tanya Giles Hilder, Australia

Nominee Sisters by Emily Mccann, USA

Nominee Kids being kids by C. Roese Ramp, USA

Nominee Supposed to be sleeping by Helen Whittle, Australia

Nominee Trapped by Anna Moskalova, Spain

Nominee Party girl by Kate Vellacott, UK

Nominee Rainy day by Angee_Manns, USA

Nominee Who goes there by Heather Stockett, USA

Nominee Le cercle by Laure Agneray, France

Nominee Rope by Vladimr Ondrejika, Slovakia

Nominee The boys of summer by Jennifer Kapala, Canada

Nominee Balanced by Heather Rodburg, USA

Nominee Mud wrestle by Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson, USA

Nominee Unabandadedos by Sandra Ballesteros Moffa, Spain

Nominee Wish by Courtney Maltman, USA

Nominee Mud bath by Hayley Hay, Switzerland

Nominee Into the wilds by Summer Kellogg, USA

Nominee Monde enchant by Laure Agneray, France

Nominee Complicit by Laure Agneray, France

Nominee Untitled by Stephanie Mason, Canada