Artist styling/ Costume planning

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  • 1. Artist styling/ Costume planning

2. ClothingThe clothing in my music video will be fairly basic to concentrate the attention to the artist and story. My artist will be wearing a simple oversized shirt or ragged t shirt for the majority of the video . Near the end of the music video my artist is likely to be featured in a white flared dress to show contrast in the previous grungy basic looks. It will be styled with simple accessories and minimal jewellery. 3. Make-up The make-up look on my artist in my music video will be a bronzed glow by using a high level of bronzer, highlighter and illuminating foundation to give a warm feel to the artist. However using heavy eye make-up look through the use of masacara,eyeliner and dark eyeshadows to create a smokey eye will create more depth and darkens to the feel of the video. Either natural lipstick or dark burgundy lipstick will be used to fulfil the make-up look depending on the location and outfit used.