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What is Art? It is not always what we think about today. Art today may not be perceived as such when it was first created nor the person who creates it is necessarily regarded as an artist. Both the term of art and the idea of the artist are relatively modern terms. Many of the objects can be identified as art today, murals, sculptures, fountains or urban furniture, for example. In this project, we are going to investigate the "Art" in Sheng-Kung and the meaning behind it. Through this project, we want people to gain knowledge, meaning, authorship, an understanding of the history of art works and respect for them.

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Art in SKBy SK II

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Our Motivations

• Few people really understand the meanings of these artworks.

• We wonder who created these pieces of art in our school and why.

• Are there any connections among the artworks?

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Introduction of the Project

• We chose our fountain, mural, sculpture and stained-glass windows as our research.

• We had to interview some people who know well about the artworks.

• We tried to find out their history and meanings.

• We could interpret art in a different way.

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Pieces of Art Fountain Mural Sculpture Stained – Glass Windows

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FountainDesigned by

Sister Emmanuel in 1963

Symbol for inspiration, transmitting one’s love to the new generation

7 is the perfect number in the


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Mexican Painter, Borboa

Rebirth of Life

How to inspire young people’s hearts

Moisac Tiles

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This picture shows a gentle woman who extends her hands.

With all her might, she is praying to God to protect our lives.

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Sculpture• “Balance”

• Created in 2004

• Created by Mr. Chang Chia Chiu• Made of sandstone

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Life isn’t easy. That’s why we need balance.

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Stained-Glass Windows

There are five stained–glass windows.

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Stained Glass

Sister of Immaculate Conception

Paterson, New Jersey, USA



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Stained Glass

2nd Rex Gentium Veni

•Rex Gentium Veni (King of nations, come)• Symbols of Authority

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Stained Glass

3rd The Lily

• Symbol of purity•The dove represents the divinity of Jesus.

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Stained Glass

4th Pax Christi Veniat

• May the peace of Christ come.•The gate is open to us to enter into the Lord’s protective stronghold.

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Our Project• Our learning process• The difficulties encountered and

how we solved the problems• The impact of the project• Recommendations

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What did we learn?• Through this project we learned about

our school’s history.

• We found the meanings behind these artworks.

• The most important point is we know how to observe art everywhere.

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Resolutions to Difficulties • It's really difficult to know the meanings of

these artworks and not everything could be found on the internet.

• It’s hard to interview someone who knows the history well.

• It’s tough to translate Chinese into English.

• Doing research is time-consuming.

• All of us are from different classes, so it’s difficult for us to get together.

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The Impact of the Project

• In every picture, statue, and artistic construction, one can see there is a voice hidden in it, continually telling us what purpose the work of art was created for.

• Follow the artist’s imagination and interpret it on our own with our imagination.

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Suggestions and Recommendations

• We were pressed for time in completing the project.

• The content of the project could be broader, not only limited to these choices.

• Encourage students to appreciate more artworks.

• Encourage people to talk with others about art and learn more about it.

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Our Project on the Web

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Find out more!! go to http://publicart.iearn.cat/

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Thank You!