Apps to edit your instagram photos either for sharing or to print

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  1. 1. Apps to edit your Instagram photos either for sharing or to print
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Instagram has come forth as a wonderful photo sharing social media platform By this platform you can edit your own photo library and also it allows you to share it in other social media platform You want to make your photo more attractive while sharing in Facebook and Twitter you can use few apps to edit the photos
  3. 3. SQUARE FX APPS Square Fx prevents you from cropping the images and help the image to fit exactly in square frame Square FX has features like flipping and scaling the images This apps helps in changing frames and colors and also this app is free to download for iTunes users
  4. 4. SNAPSEED APPS Snapseed is an app that is exclusively built for iOS paltform Snapseed helps you to edit your photos in both iphone and ipad This app also help you to share the image in other social media platform like Facebook and Twitter apart from instagram
  5. 5. For more detail visit- to-edit-your-instagram-photos-either-for-sharing-or- to-print/