Analyzing –Double spread

Analyzing –Double Spread

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Page 1: Analyzing –Double Spread

Analyzing –Double spread

Page 2: Analyzing –Double Spread

Double spread page – analyse • This contents page very

simple. The use of a very popular band (Muse) is taking up the entire page. The background is different shades of blue. This makes the band members standout more because they are dressed in black.

• There is a little red box with white text in it. Its striking and looks good against the blue.

Page 3: Analyzing –Double Spread

Double spread page 2 – analyse

• The second page of the Muse double page Is main all text, a simple but effective black on white.

• Its laid out into column makes it easier to follow

Page 4: Analyzing –Double Spread

Double Page – analyse 3 and 4