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Adrian Houston Hotel Visual Presanation

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  • 1. adrian houston|photographer [email_address] Tel: 00 44 207 734 1220 Studio 3|12 Bourchier Street|London W1D 4HZ

2. First impressions count 3. from achieving the right welcome 4. 5. to creating theperfect atmosphere 6. from composed contemporary 7. to ultra stylistic 8. to classical beauty 9. and comfortable tradition 10. 11. it takes time 12. and dedication 13. to create the perfect ambiance 14. that helps 15. to entice 16. unwind 17. sooth 18. calm 19. and embrace 20. you want your guests to understand that serenity 21. luxury 22. and escape 23. are effortless 24. So they can relax,immersed in an atmosphere of well-being 25. opulence 26. grandeur 27. comfort 28. and modesty. 29. to create the perfect mood 30. devotion 31. 32. precision 33. 34. and flawless attention to detail 35. 36. create inspiration 37. 38. in front and behind the scenes. 39. 40. This elegantly beautiful balance 41. 42. creates stunning 43. warming 44. ethereal 45. enchanting 46. unforgettable 47. heavenly moments 48. that, although fleeting 49. 50. last a lifetime 51. and make your guests desire to return for more. 52. arousing the emotions 53. 54. neednt be an up hill struggle 55. 56. You know that to capture their hearts 57. 58. and their minds 59. you have to capture the moment 60. and for this, you need someone just like you 61. who understands you and your business 62. and knows how tocapture the momentsthat sell your story. 63. is one of the UK's most talented and successful photographers.Son of celebrated portrait artist Esther Craig, Adrian started his career in style, securing the coveted position of assistant to legendary photographer Michael Joseph shortly after graduating. Early success came with his innovative portraiture work. His exceptional eye for detail, and his meticulous and creativeyet relaxed approach, earned Adrian a number of high profile commissions, the Princess of Wales, the Dalai Lama,Luciano Pavarotti and Jim Carey among them. Determined not to remain studio bound, Adrian began to travel to some of the worlds most unexplored and inhospitable terrains.The powerful results of his photography soon found their way onto everything from advertising campaigns to magazine covers. Meanwhile the stunning images that resulted from him witnessingthe eruption of Mount Kilauea on Hawaiis Big Island, were usedto memorable effect in one of the Discovery Channels highest rating documentaries.The publication of the first Mr and Mrs Smith guide in 2003,which showcased a collection of inspirational, luxurious and gorgeously seductive hotels in the UK and Ireland, further consolidated Adrians reputation.His warm atmospheric pictures not only fired the publics imagination, but also caught the attention of some of the worlds leading hotel brands who understand the importance of strong visual imagery being a vital part of the marketing mix. Carving out a niche in this world, Adrian carried out high profile campaigns for the Rocco Forte Collection (BMB London), Kempinski (Landor Paris), Jumeirah and Crown Plaza (Proximity London) among others. Other projects include a book for famed designer and hotelier Anoushka Hempel, a publication on the celebrated four seasons of Kashmir and a campaign for the London Stock Exchange, which brilliantly captured the fast moving pace of the capital by combining architectural modernity and tradition. Adrian continues his association with Mr and Mrs Smith, having photographed European Cities; European Coast and Country and the second volume of UK and Ireland. His most recent title a collection from France to be published later this year. An exhibition of his work can currently be seen on The World Ship. When Adrian is not on location he works from his studio inSoho, London adrian [email_address] Tel: 00 44 207 734 1220 Studio 3|12 Bourchier Street|London W1D 4HZ