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Cheats Bully Scholarship Edition PC Tekan [Alt] + [Tab] selama bermain game untuk menampilkan jendela konsol. Ketik salah satu kode berikut lalu tekan [Enter]. iskelof - kesehatan Maksimum erasfg - Semua senjata vwihdg - Jangan terjebak ersgjr - Super pukulan dfqsbr - Setiap orang memiliki petasan palsgz - Teman dengan semua orang dfglaf - Dapatkan gadis lalazr [1-10] - Kendaraan English class - Words: *** Some words might be missing. Session 1: MELLOW, MOW, MEW, LOW, WOE, OWL, ELM, OWE, MEWL, WELL, MEOW, MOLL, MO LE. Session 2: FIGHTS, FIGHT, SIGHT, GIFTS, GIFT, SHIFT, THIS, FIGS, FIG, HITS, HIT, FISH, FIST, SIGH, SIFT, GIST, HIS, FITS, FIT, SIT, ITS, IFS. Session 3: SMILES, SMILE, MILES, MILE, SEISM, ISLES, ISLE, LEIS, MISE, SEMI, ELM S, ELM, MISS, LIES, LIE, MIL, LIMES, LIME, MESS, LESS, SLIMS, SLIM, SLIMES, SLIM E, LEI. Session 4: CRAYON, CARNY, CORNY, ACORN, YARN, NARC, ROAN, CRONY, RACY, NARY, CON Y, ARC, OAR, CYAN, CAR, RAY, CAY, CRAN, CRY, NOR, NAY, COY, CON, CORN, CAN, RAN, ANY. Session 5: DAGGER, RAGGED, GAGE, EGAD, DREG, DRAG, DEAR, DARE, AGE, AGED, GRADE, RED, RAG, GAR, RAD, GAD, GAG, EGG, ERA, DAG, EAR, ARE, GEAR, GRAD, RAGED, RAGE, READ, AGGER. [ENGLISH 2] Huruf: H S G F T I Solusi: 3: FIG FIT SIT HIS HIT IFS ITS 4: FIGS FITS FISH FIST SIGH SIFT HITS GIFT GIST THIS 5: FIGHT GIFTS SHIFT SIGHT 6: FIGHTS [ENGLISH 3] Huruf: E M I S S L Solusi: 3: ELM LEI LIE MIL 4: ELMS MISS MISE MESS MILE ISLE SEMI SLIM LIME LESS LEIS LIES 5: MILES ISLES SLIMS SMILE SLIME LIMEs 6: SMILES SLIMES [ENGLISH 4] Huruf: R A N Y C O Solusi: 3: RAN RAY ANY ARC NAY NOR CON CAN CAR CAY COY OAR YON 4: ORCA CYAN CORN YARN RACY ROAN NARY 5: CORNY RAYON CARNY CRONY ACORN 6: CRAYON [ENGLISH 5] Huruf: G A E D R G Solusi: 3: AGE RED ARE RAG EAR DAG GAD GAG RAD EGG 4: AGED DARE DREG DRAG GAGE RAGE DEAR READ EGAD GEAR 5: RAGED GRADE 6: DAGGER RAGGED
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