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Cerita Bahasa Inggris

by permanahend





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Nama : Hendra Permana Kelas/no : XI IPA 6/7 About 3 months ago I played futsal with my classmates at school.I played futsal at 07.30 a.m. I wore school uniform.We played futsal because there is no lesson at 07.30 until 08.45 a.m.The boy in my class like play futsal very much. Originally I just saw my friends played futsal.I didn’t fose with them because I was lazy for sweaty.I saw that they played really sharp.I interested to play futsal with them.Then I played futsal with them.I’m not cozy with my trousers because my trousers so tight.While I lift my leg,I heard odd voice.Apparently my trousers rips.Then my friend laugh at me.I was very shy.After that I went to home to substitute my trousers.Then I came back to school.
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